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    Why China Branded phones ar cheap?



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    Why China Branded phones ar cheap?

    Post by agnes_cute on Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:21 am

    Du u eva hear m0reover use China Branded Phones like:K-touch,Beyond,Hi-tech,Nexian,D-One,etc.?
    Du u eva think that why itz has lower price than other phone brands,although it has many fitures lyke mobile tv,dual mode on,etc?.
    Ooohhh,u gonna know it after read this:
    1.Da resources as phone raw materials to make it still can be reached easily n not spend to much money,
    2.Easy to get da license,so it reduces da cost,
    3.Da gud handled Labor n Employee regulations/rules.Op corz,we rare hear that China got Demonstration from labor or employee,
    4.Released without Operating System,like Java,Symbian,Windows,etc. N China branded phones dunt have 3G service,
    5.Da distributors op phones ar from outlet bussinessman to experienced principal.They have a gud bussiness insting n more product kn0wledge,therefore they kn0w well bout market demands...

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