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    New mig33 chatroom ownership

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    New mig33 chatroom ownership

    Post by WEBMASTER on Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:35 am

    Hi all,
    NEW! mig33 is launching a major new feature - the opportunity to set up, manage and moderate your own chatroom.
    Starting from today, when you create a new chatroom, you can be its "owner".
    As owner, you have special privileges in the room, including setting the description and rules of the room, immediately kicking users from the room for bad behavior, blocking specific users from entering the room permanently, and receiving feedback from users about your room. If you are the room owner, you can also appoint others to act as moderators to help you manage the room. Moderators will have the same powers to kick, ban etc in their rooms. A user can set up as many new chat rooms as they like.
    Current admins will remain, with their role to moderate the community as a whole, to moderate non "owned" chatrooms, and to play a role in banning users that consistently display disruptive behavior.
    Want to know more? Visit our FAQ at http://wiki.mig33.com/?q=node/158.
    These new "owned" rooms allow more flexibility for mig33 users to create their own experiences within mig33. We hope they will prove a great success. Go have fun!
    maksudnya adalah: sekarang kalian bisa menjadi admin di room yg kalian buat dan bisa men setting sendiri room yg kalian mau, dan mengangkat beberapa user untuk menjadi admin, jika kurang jelas, tanyakan disini


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