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    invite ur-self in group chat


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    invite ur-self in group chat

    Post by fellow-feeling on Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:56 pm

    lol! Very Happy hey guys this is wat i call a co0l trick,nw u cn invite ur self in groupchat,heres wat u should do... 1.open mig jar file... 2.dnt l0ggin yet jst go 2 username nd edit ur id at 1st letter of ur id type a space... 3.after dat l0ggin t0 mig... 4.add yourself at contact list then create a groupchat... 5.after dat press close chat then press back quickly nd type sumthing so the groupchat w0nt be closed... 6.after dat u will see -you are not in da groupchat- bt dnt w0ry jst press menu nd press invite user then u will yourself then invite ur id then it show a new groupchat with da same ppl u invited nd they wil be amezind...l0l enj0y

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